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28 July 2015

Olivia's First Day {Week} of First Grade!

With our school system on a year-round schedule, it means that the girls go back to school much earlier than everyone else.  Liv's first day of school was July 20th!  Isn't that crazy?  Most people would call that the middle of summer, and we are back to schooling it.  While I usually feel that our summers are too short, when our extended fall and spring breaks roll around, I am thrilled!

Olivia was super excited this year to see some familiar faces in her class at Meet the Teacher night. Even knowing some good friends in her class, she was still a little nervous on her first day.  She told me that she wished she was still in Kindergarten, and I have to admit I sort of wish she was too.  She's no longer dropped off at the tiny Kinder playground, she waits for the bell to ring with all of the big kids on the giant playground.  And, after attending the curriculum night, I'm seeing that first grade is even more hard core than kindergarten in terms of academics.

I'm excited for her year - I know she is going to have a great one!  Love my big girl SO much!

➹ Walking towards the school with friends...➹

➹ I hid out in the hallway {behind a door} so I could make sure she was alright walking in since she met up with Riley and her family on the drive over and wanted to walk in with them.  She had a giant smile on her face the whole time!  ➹

➹ After school -- love their little visors they made! ➹

➹ Day 2 on the playground before school starts.  I love how she is always holding hands with her friends. ➹

➹ Woooohoooooo!  We made it to Friday! ➹

And, now, because I love looking back... here are Liv's "first day of school" pictures from the last several years!

➹ Preschool, age 3 ➹

➹ Pre-K, age 4 ➹

➹ Kindergarten, age 5 ➹

➹ First grade, age 6 ➹

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

Where did the time go. I am going to blink and you will be posting her beginning of middle school, then high school pictures. Good Lord willing I hope I see them all. I know Olivia will have a great year in first grade. "She is pretty, she is smart and she is funny". (my own quote HA).

Love her better than a cat loves cream.