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22 July 2015

The End of Summer Break

Aaaaannnndddddd, how's about a quick recap of how we ended our {too short} summer vacation?!

➸➸  We finally made it to a summer movie!  

➸➸ Olivia went on a movie date with a boy friend {not a boyfriend} from her class!

➸➸  Olivia learned to sew....sort of. 

➸➸  We said goodbye to Nana and Poppy for a couple weeks...with a dinner at Freddy's Steak Burgers {yummmm}


➸➸  We celebrated the Fourth of July!

➸➸  We had the easiest dog sitting job ever...

➸➸  We got wild and crazy at FlipSide and ran into another boy friend...

➸➸  And we had one more sleepover party...

I'm getting caught up, y'all!  We are only 3 days into the school year! :) 

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