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06 July 2015

Start of the Summer {When We Could Be Outside Without Melting}

Arizona was GOOD to us this year.  I usually am OVER the summer by the time June hits, and here we were coasting through May with gorgeous days, and even the beginning of June was nice and overcast.  A girl could get used to this, I tell ya.  {Don't worry, we are into July and summer has reared her not so cool head.  But, I do think we are acclimating ourselves to it a little bit because so far, it is not as bad as I remembered.  Of course, we have pretty much been staying indoors or in the pool the entire time we've been here, so there's that.  Ask me again when school starts in two weeks!}

Here's a little of what we were up to at the end of May and beginning of June:

❣ Bike rides in jammies! ❣

❣ Big girl haircuts! ❣

❣ Pool parties with friends!  Look at our new slide getting some use! ❣

➹ Chick-Fil-A catering! ➹

➹ Love these girls. ➹

❣ Slumber parties with ice cream and donuts! ❣

❣ Turtlenecks on dogs?!  Happy to report Magnum has made a full recovery, and is doing even better than before.  So proud of our Million Dollar Dog! ❣

1 comment:

Poppy said...

A very nice blog Sis. I truly thought you had let this thing die. Awesome pics of the girls and they great summer so far.

It truly has been a great start to the summer.

Love these girls.