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26 July 2015

The End of Summer Break, Part 2

I guess I sort of jumped the gun with my last end of summer break post, because there were a few things that hadn't been included or hadn't been done yet!  So, here we go with part 2.

➸➸  I signed both girls up for swim lessons AT NINE AM the last week of summer break (M-Th).  My plan was to get us up and out of the house in the mornings in preparation for school starting.  It was tough, but I think it may have helped us out.  Olivia DID sleep until 10:30 on Friday morning, so if nothing else, it wore us out! 

On one of those days, I invited the neighbor girls to spend the night and go to the pool with us the next morning so they could do the open swim after the girls' lessons.  I think they had a blast at the pool, and they did such a good job of watching out for Sydney.  My plan was to leave at 1 {because, hello, 9-1 in 100+ heat is more than enough}, but I let the girls do a couple more jumps off the high dive.  I should have stuck to my 1:00 time frame because on Sydney's second to last jump, she started swimming in circles in the pool and I had to jump in to get her.  She was never in any danger, but she was taking forever to get to the side of the pool and the lifeguard was giving me the side eye. 

➸➸  We saw online that there were requests for school supplies and backpacks for some local children in need, so one afternoon Nana and I took the girls supply shopping.  They picked out all the colors of folders and papers and backpacks for another child and were so excited to go drop them off at the collection location.

➸➸  Olivia takes her lunch and a snack every day, so we tried to stock up on some new and different foods she might want at school.  

➸➸  While David was out of town, I took the girls on a Bahama Bucks shave ice date.  Olivia had picked up a new Lego Friends kit and did the whole thing while eating her treat.  This is her new favorite activity and my new favorite nemesis {tiny pieces EVERYWHERE}!

➸➸  We were missing Liv's friend, Ava, so we decided to go out for a special lunch date at the fancy Olive Garden.  The girls were so cute and felt so grown up!

➸➸  And, well, here's a couple more swim pictures!

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Mom Cooper said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Amanda you are a good, good Momma. You are always evolving the girls in fun activities and you usually include friends to participate. You girls are blessed to have you as their mother.

Cute pictures with cute girls.