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22 July 2015

Back Home Again in Indiana {Part 4}

After visiting my aunts in Versailles, we met up with David {who had spent the day visiting his cousin and aunt & uncle in Indianapolis} and spent a little more time with his family before going up to Noblesville for one more night with Diann and Mike.  

We packed everyone up the next day because David and the girls were catching a flight back home to Arizona that evening {on the same flight as my parents}.  I was lucky enough to spend an extra week out there visiting friends.  I got to go see my bestie and her baby boy in Chicago, I visited my friend Cole back in Indy, and then spent the weekend with my bff from college in Bloomington!  And then to top it off, I got to see my buddy Casey on my last day there.  It was an amazing trip.  Hoosier Hospitality is seriously the best!

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