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26 July 2015

Just a Spoonful of Sugar...

Last Christmas, we took the girls up to a  huge church in Phoenix to see their Christmas program -- it was incredible, with live animals and angels flying from the ceiling.  I remember them saying there would be a summer performance of Mary Poppins, and just knew it was something I wanted to take Olivia to.  I got tickets the morning they went on sale, and ended up getting four tickets 11 rows from the stage.  We asked Riley and her mom to go with us, and made a little date of it for the day before school started.  The girls LOVED the performance -- it was so AWESOME -- and they got to have their pictures taken with some of the props and the actors!

➹ Everyone is looking at Sheri except for Olivia! ➹

➹ Feed the birds...tuppence a bag.... ➹

➹ In one part of the play, the statues in the park come to life -- this was one of the statues. ➹

➹ And now there are two statues! ➹

➹ Chim chimerie chim chimerie... ➹

It was such a great way to spend the last day of summer! 

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Mom Cooper said...

How exciting, looks like loads of fun. Such a great experience.