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17 July 2015

Back Home Again in Indiana {Part 2}

Part 2 of our Indiana Adventure had us driving down to my old hometown of Columbus for a fabulous wedding weekend.  Believe it or not, I am old enough to have babysat for someone {a very young someone} who is now old enough to be a full-fledged lawyer and bride.  Holy smokes, I'm old.

And, holy smokes, do I love Columbus.  And the Caldwell family.  So, what a perfect weekend, seriously.  With no house to call a home in Columbus, we stayed at the Hotel Indigo downtown.  It is such a cute little boutique hotel in the perfect spot.  Downtown Columbus has grown SO much since I lived there.  There were really two bars downtown and a handful of restaurants.  They have revamped the mall there and so there are tons of little restaurants and pubs right downtown.  What used to be a really cool play area in the mall when we were kids, but grew to be a little outdated, has now become a state of the art indoor playground.  We had a great time exploring some favorite stomping grounds {I'm looking at you Zaharako's and 4th Street}, and checking out some new ones!

➹ My heart could explode! ➹

➹ Zaharako's selfies! ➹

➹ Chaos! ➹

➹ It's kind of hard to see...but David and Olivia are at the top of those sails. ➹

➹ Olivia and me in the dress I wore to the ceremony.  It's also the dress that someone else wore to the ceremony.  So, I had to go back to our hotel and change into my Plan B. :( ➹

➹ But first let me get a Becker's. ➹

➹ The girls fell in love with Jeff's brother's kids.  They had so much fun dancing at the reception with the older girls.  ➹

➹ Dress number 2 with my Sydney girl. ➹

➹ The bride and groom! ➹

➹ And, yeah, I used to babysit both of these little rug rats! ➹

➹ Thanks to our girls staying on AZ time, we closed down the reception!  No joke.  Took the shuttle out with the bride and groom.  And my husband was awesome enough to put both girls to bed in the hotel and sent me out to the after party at 4th Street!  What a dreamboat. ➹

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