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30 July 2015

Sydney's First Day of Preschool {Year 2}

Sydney had her Meet the Teacher the same morning that Olivia had her first day of school.  Her classroom this year is in the same room where Olivia had her first preschool experience with Ms. Susan....I love that!  After we met Ms. Janna, we went to Bosa's for a back to school donut with her little buddy, Hailey, from last year!  These two couldn't be more opposite, but it's sweet watching them interact with each other.  

On Tuesday, I took Sydney in for a back to school haircut -- I swear she gets her hair done more than I do!  I just love it in that short bob cut!

Wednesday was her first official day.  She was very nervous and apprehensive going in to the classroom.  She really wanted me to stay with her, but Ms. Janna was great and had her sit on her lap right from the get go.  Nana picked her up for me after school, and her teacher said she had an AWESOME day!

We got there a little early on Friday and Face Timed with Nana and Poppy before school started!

And, because you know I love's a few from her first days last year!

➹ Matchy Matchy last year... ➹

➹ Matchy Matchy this year! ➹

➹ I mean, seriously?!  Such a little baby! ➹

➹ Love this big girl! ➹

Here's to a great preschool year for Sydney!


Mom Cooper said...

My little Sydney is growing up right before my very own eyes. My heart swells with the love and pride I have for this girl. No matter how tall, or how old, she will always be Nana's Lil Syd. I love her better than a cat loves cream for sure.

Unknown said...

Your girls are really very cute. I'm a long way from having kids myself, too busy with my storage business in Newcastle. But I think there are some ideas here that my partner might like to steal when it comes to the time! Haha!