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30 August 2010

Camera Obscura

As much as I would love to blog about our weekend, The House is sleeping and I would really like to join them.  Magnum is snuggled up at my feet,  David has fallen asleep on the couch and my love bug went down in record time.  So that blog will just have to wait until tomorrow...or the next day.  In the meantime, here are a few fun pictures I've taken recently with some really cool camera apps {and one you can do at home as long as you have a webcam.}

The Roidizer:  Turns pictures into a polaroid picture.*  I love that it also allows you to "tag" the picture with your own caption.   I especially love that it even makes a cranky baby still look kinda cute.

I'm not listening....

This man doesn't need anything to make himself look better {not that Olivia does either}, but it makes for a cool concert shot as well.

You don't give up, You don't survive, Blackjack

The Retro Cam:  Pretty sure this is similar to the Hipstamatic app for iPhones.  Basically, it gives the picture a retro/vintage look.

{Repeat picture} I love the look of these pictures.  They are great for scenery, but less so for up close as they make your skin tone look a little less than flattering.

Case in point...
He is still pretty stinkin' handsome though!

So, the other thing about this app is that you are looking at it in your phone screen and it looks like you are looking through an actual camera viewfinder.  {Kinda hard to explain} The app isn't quite perfect and so sometimes you think you have your subject exactly in the frame, but when you see the final product you realize it was a little off.

Ah hem...
Kind of like a burqa, but waaaayyy cooler.

Photo Cabine: A photobooth for your computer. Try it out here.  We did.

The photobooth is just too fun...expect to see lots more of those from us in the near future!

Happy Monday from the Central Coast!

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Mom Cooper said...

Back in the day if we were fortunate enough to have a camera that "shot" out a picture you could see in a minute, we felt excited. Now you try to make pictures look like that! I'm not saying your pictures aren't awesome because they are, I'm just saying!!!!!!!