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13 August 2010

Friday, I'm in Love

I wasn't so in love with this Friday earlier today {as trying to make hotel reservations for our upcoming trip to San Diego was anything but fun}, but it definitely shaped up nicely.  I'm currently watching Olivia roll around in her crib as she babbles Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma  {have I expressed to you how much I LOVE this video monitor?!} and waiting on David to cue up Season 1, Episode 1 of Friday Night Lights.  I have finally gotten him into watching that show and you better believe I am going to milk as much Coach T and Tim Riggins as I can out of the whole thing.  I'm positively GIDDY ya'll.

Anyway, back to the day.  Ehhh.  It was hard to get things done, but that's the story of my life with an almost 16 month old who loves nothing more than to make a mess play and be pushed in her swing.  David came home from work a bit early and we headed up to Avila to have a repeat performance from last Friday.  Here are a few fabulous pictures from our evening.

We attempted to get a shot of the two of us...

She didn't hug a little girl this week, but she gave this dog a couple of hugs and kisses!


This girl loves her corn!

She went over and sat on this step at least ten times.  
She has a new obsession with sitting on things.

Happy Friday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

Looks like the perfect way to end a Friday (the 13th no less) to me. There is nothing better than family time. Looking forward to seeing you all in SD.

David said...

This was such a great day! I love ending the week like this. Let's make it a tradition :)