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22 August 2010

My Sunday Smiles {Volume 8}

Lots to smile about this weekend, especially considering we got to see {my luvah} Dave Matthews and his Band on Friday and Saturday night, but I am going to have to post the excitements of the weekend tomorrow.  Staying up WAY too late both nights and waking up to being a Mom in the morning has made for one sleepy lady tonight.

"So there was this one time in Indianapolis where I saw this beauty of a girl at St. Elmo's and her big boobed friend came in and interrupted our eye contact.  I think about that girl every day."
UM, Hello!  Here I am!

Hope your weekend was full of smiles!
Happy Sunday from the Central Coast!

1 comment:

Jillian said...

LOL!!!! Shut your face! I'm totally jealous, but SOOOOO glad you guys had fun. It would have only been made more fun had I been there and you KNOW IT!