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04 August 2010

The One Where Olivia Ends Up in a Police Car for Thirty Minutes

Oh. My. Gosh.
What a day we have had already...
My mind is racing with a zillion things that I want to include in this post and if that devilishly sweet angel of mine stays asleep for a little while longer, I may just be able to get them all on here!

For some reason, Olivia woke up this morning at 5:50.  I knew that I had jinxed it when I blogged a couple weeks ago about her sleeping in.  In my bones I could just feel that it was going to be one of those days.  Before David even had a chance to get in the shower, he already had two work calls indicating it would be one of those days for him as well.

Olivia and I had plans to meet up with Sarah {and Kendall} and Corrin {and Macy} at the Boo Boo Records Music Time up in SLO.  We had been wanting to do this for forever, but have always had Wednesday classes standing in our way.  Our summer session is over for a couple of weeks and we  jumped at the chance to go.  We were going to meet up with Sarah and Kendall for coffee a little bit before the class, so I made sure to be ready and moving early.  Remember how I hate being late!?!  We were in the car and ready to go on time {Hooray} and the second I pulled out of the driveway the gas light came on.  Oh. Brother.

Music class was THE BEST.  Oh my gosh, we loved it.  We will most definitely be going back to that.  Heidi {the leader} is just adorable and the kids, ranging in age from 2 weeks to 5 years, were so much fun to watch.

Front and center in the standing room only Boo Boo Records

At the end of the class, Heidi recommended checking out a place in SLO called Ruby Rose for some vintage children's clothes and other fun antiques.  I have been on the lookout for 1) a consignment shop with kids clothes, and 2) a couple of antique picture frames for yet another DIY project.  Ruby Rose pit-stop after class?  Yes ma'am.

With this as your business card, could the shop be anything but incredible?

Well, the score was now 1-1 for the day because I walked out of the shop {that was technically closed} 20 minutes later with a bag of adorable little clothes for Olivia and 2 antique picture frames.

Oh hello there darling little vintage coat

Aaaannnnd, here's where my luck began to change.  Olivia just couldn't wait 25 minutes to get home to take her nap {helloooo, somebody should have slept in a little longer} and fell asleep in the car.  I tried to do the transfer once we got home and she just.wasn'  After about three more attempts at putting her down, I gave up.

The following pictures basically show what lunch was like with a napless tiny tot.  Not a whole lotta fun.

No, that's not a homemade felt barrette...that's smooshed banana in her hair

We had a playdate with Kendall set up for the afternoon as well as dinner plans with friends for this evening and a cranky baby would just not do.  I cancelled the playdate and made a mad dash to the store to pick up a few things for dinner.  I knew Olivia would be mad as all get out being pushed around in the cart, so I grabbed one of those GIANT shopping carts with the cars at the front {you know, the ones that are oh-so easy to maneuver through the aisles} and threw her in - bare feet, dirty face and all.  

There's that police car I was referring to.
Does she not look like she is ticked off to be thrown in the cop car?! 
{She actually loved the car}

Speaking of things that make you think white trash...Olivia and I were in Target yesterday morning and I found the cutest set of Cynthia Rowley for Pampers diapers.  

I snatched a pack up before I could say licketysplit and then I spied the price tag.  Cynthia, you want me to pay five more dollars for a pack of designer diapers {with fewer diapers no less}?  I don't think so.  It's not like Olivia is going around in only a diaper.  Now that would be kind of trashy.

I'll spend my five dollars on a cute Janie & Jack {NWT!} dress, a beach tunic, and Baby Nay pants from Ruby Rose thankyouverymuch.  

And, keeping with the Target theme...while we were there yesterday, we picked up a video monitor to put in Olivia's room.  David and I have been wanting to get one for awhile and I finally remembered to pick it up.  I came home and put the camera on the corner of her crib and couldn't wait to try it out.  Of course when I put Olivia down last night, she went to the very corner of the crib where the camera was and stayed out of view all night.  I put her down for today's nap {FINALLY!} and she flipped around and went back to that same corner.  I can only see her feet in the sleepsack right now.  

Mmm hmmm, crash course in Happiest Toddler on the Block tonight.

Okay, in looking back, my day has not been all that horrible.  Looking on the bright side, I got to use my new produce bags which I have been eagerly waiting to use.  I LOVE them and got so many compliments on them today. Indeed, it is the little things.  
Getcha some and quit using those plastic ones from the store!

Dinner is already made, and although the house is in need of a little straightening, I'm close to checking this blog post off of my list as well.  But, seeing as how it is Wednesday, I've got a few k-9 canines to clean.

You can run, but you can't hide...

Oh yeah, and those Sprinkles cupcakes I was supposed to review?  I'm sorry to say that I won't be fanning them on Facebook anytime soon.  Out of the 6 cupcakes we bought, the only one we thought was okay was the key lime.  Truthfully, I'll stick to my Betty Crocker cupcakes any day.  

Alright, my little peanut is starting to stir.  See her?

Happy Wednesday from the Central Coast!

Oh Dear Lord, the day continues.  Olivia is currently nursing on me stitch-stark naked because after screaming uncontrollably when she woke up, not letting me hold her, and basically acting as if she was possessed, I tried putting her in the tub which only made things worse.  She eventually let me nurse her, but I was unable to get a diaper on first.  {Do you know my baby?  She LET me nurse her?  This is a child obsessed with my ta-tas.}

Happy Friday the 13th from the Central Coast!

Monday's lunch was much more pleasant...any guesses on where we were?

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Mom Cooper said...

Lord help me I am worn out from reading this blog. I thought my day today was rough. Well actually is was. Back at the hotel now, going to take a shower and crash.