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08 August 2010

My Sunday Smiles, Volume 6

It's late and we {meaning I} just drove home from Palo Alto.  Well, I guess we were all in the car, but I was the one doing the driving.

Lots of things made me smile's a few pictures of them with a promise to go into more details about the weekend tomorrow.

Okay, so this is from yesterday, but I had forgotten until tonight that she had gotten in the driver's seat and actually started turning the wheel.

SO, back to today...
An early morning not-so fast and furious trip to Ikea

A trip to the Junior Museum and Zoo in Palo Alto

Finding these little lovelies on sale...
and then scoring a purple Little Miss Sunshine shirt for Little Miss Livi at the Gap outlet on the way home.
{I mean, it was at the same exit where I needed to get gas!}

Thank you XM radio for keeping me entertained {and awake} on the drive home while David zoned out on his iPad.  
My favorite channels?  The Coffee House {where they played one of my favorite Dave covers}, CNN radio, and Jam On {which for the last three days has blessed my ears with Umphrey's McGee songs}

And, if I had taken a picture before devouring part of it, you would be looking at a cookies and cream ice cream cake that Alissa got for us this weekend.  YUM.

Hope you had lots to make you smile this weekend!
Happy Sunday from the Central Coast!

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

I love those shoes. AND the sweetheart that will wear them.