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16 August 2010

My Sunday Smiles, Volume 7

Excuses, Excuses!
Alright, so I didn't get this out yesterday because we didn't get home until 9:00 last night and when given the option between blogging or watching not one, but TWO episodes of Friday Night Lights, the Dillon Panthers won out.  Sorry.

Then, I was going to get this typed up and sent out first thing this morning, but my sweet, wonderful, exhausted daughter slept until 9:00!  I chose sleeping in as well.

And then I started putting this together while Olivia ate breakfast and my friend Jill called, and, well, going with the theme of things, this post got put on the back burner again.  So, it's naptime, the marathon phone call is over, and here.we.go.

There's nothing like waking up to David saying, "I feel like breakfast at Cowgirl Cafe!"  This is one of the only places that can do pancakes {almost} as good as my mom.
Yeah, that's an ice cream scoop of butter.

Finishing off what I couldn't eat.

My grease monkey of a husband installed an IU trailer hitch on the MDX {pretty much} all by himself!  
Go Hoosiers!

Is it that time already?  The Pottery Barn Kids Halloween catalog came in the mail.  Oh So Fun.
I thought this little Unicorn costume would be the perfect thing for Little Miss Ellie.

We made it to the Santa Barbara Zoo about 10 minutes before closing time and rushed through to see some of the animals we missed out on last time.  Fairly easy when most of the people had already cleared out!

Now, where are those zebras?!

Dinner with this lovely lady?  Hearing about her paddle surfing experience was almost as good as being there in person.

This one had the whole restaurant enamored with her.

Happy Sunday {kinda} from the Central Coast!


Mom & Dad Cooper said...

I know for a fact that Olivia is the most theme dressed little girl going. But I also know for a fact that I LOVE it. So cute, so chic!

David said...

I love this outfit. So cute! Now where did that little Zebra from her front pocket disappear to?