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10 August 2010

Shut the Front Door

A couple of side by sides from our first trip to Palo Alto {May 2009} and our most recent {August 2010}.

La Costena burritos

A little Soudy lovin'

Get outta town!  Time moves by way too quickly.  She was four weeks old in those first pictures.  She's almost 16 months old now.  *sniff sniff*

Olivia is thankfully taking a second nap today and I am off to shuck some more corn for tonight's pollo asado dinner.  Ooooh, or maybe we will do grilled corn!  Thanks Blogger for that little brainstorm.

Happy laundry day Tuesday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

What a difference a few months can make, Olivia gets more precious every day. Looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

David said...

Time really does fly. It is especially apparent when you have a little one who grows up so fast.