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25 August 2010

While My Baby Gently Sleeps

Olivia is FAST asleep in my arms right now.  Not something I was planning on {as I would love a free hour or so to fold some clothes and put them away}, but something I am happily embracing since I am realizing how quickly she is growing up.  The clothes can wait.  Dinner can be late.  My bladder can stay full.  We're busy snuggling.

I'm trying to remember where we left off...Oh yes, I was standing third row locking eyes with My Other Dave.  And I'm counting down the days until we lock eyes again.

I'll see you soon, my pretty.

In the meantime, we've had Nana and BawBaw {Olivia's version of Poppy} here to help pass the time.  On Monday we headed up to our new favorite spot, the Avila Valley Barn and we lucked out this time with some hot hot hot weather.  It seems like whenever my parents come to visit the weather always turns cold, but these last few days have been so warm and beautiful!


That donkey gets her every time.

Too cute for words.

No trip out here would be complete if I didn't put my dad to work.  I can't help it...that's what Dads are for.  He did a few things for me in the playroom {see, I'm still perfecting it, that's why I haven't put pictures up yet}, I had him fix Olivia's swing {metal on metal is almost as bad as fingernails on a chalkboard}, and I put his painting skills to the test.
Take a yucky wooden bird house...

...and start painting!
{Finished picture in a few days...I still need to paint the roof.}

And, did I mention that I made him rescue a turtle?  Yep, a cat and a turtle rescue in less than a week.  We're going to open up a clinic soon.

On his way to getting smashed.

After the turtle peed down my dad's leg, we decided to drive home with him hanging out the window.

He may not look it, but he was grateful.

Don't worry, I paid Dad back by treating him to lunch.  Any guesses as to where we went?

Their trip was way too short...only 2 full days here, but we still had a great time.  It is always nice to have an extra set of hands around to put Olivia down for her nap, feed & bathe her, or do a diaper change.  Poppy even changed his first diaper!  Sixteen months in....hard to believe he hadn't taken a turn yet.

I spent this morning doing laundry and cleaning up in preparation for a couple of Olivia's friends to come over and play.  This time I got ZERO pictures.  I am horrible, I know.  I did get one of Olivia in her swing while we waited for them to show up.

Again, I have to thank my parents for driving all over California so we could have some fun.  I am lucky to have a great set of parents!

Happy Wednesday from the Central Coast.


Mom Cooper said...

We are back home safe and sound. And yes I did shed a tear or two when we left this time. Olivia crawled in the car with us as we were getting ready to leave and it just broke my heart to leave her (ok you and Dave too). We enjoyed our time with you all. Already looking forward to our next visit............where ever that may be.

Poppy said... sweet! Thanks sis!