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18 August 2010

The Day in Randomness

Today was a play date/one nap kind of day, so I am beat.  I can't even try to make a cohesive or funny post out of my pictures, so here they are.  Enjoy this roller coaster of a post.

Remember how I said Olivia's new word was buggy?  Well, move over buggy, there's a new word in town.  That word?  Bee Yaaw.  Yeah, add the TCH to the end and you'll understand why it wasn't so fun hearing her scream that word all through the grocery store this morning.

Speaking of this morning, while I was getting ready Olivia continued her adventures in climbing up the tub and the countertops.  Check out that scariness here.

Little Mountain Climber from Amanda Michelson on Vimeo.

So, this is how I had to block her off this evening while I put away laundry.
That would be a bench blocking the entrance to the bathtub and a laundry basket preventing her from crawling under the bench.

So she found something else to occupy her least if she falls off of this one she won't get hurt.

She's not posing like a pageant baby, she's doing the sign for pig!

We had a fun play date this afternoon with Sarah {and Kendall} and I guess it is a sign that we are having fun when I only take one picture!
Sweet Kendall taking a dip.

She actually kept the sunglasses on for a long time!

Awww, and guess who came back to visit tonight?  I'll be taking him to the vet tomorrow in the hopes that they can find a home for him.  He is SO sweet...he loves Olivia and she loves cuddling up with him, but we are not cat people.  Allergies aside, I can't handle my pets jumping up on the counters and pooping inside the house.  Oh, but he is soooo cute. 

Happy Wednesday from the Central Coast!

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