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06 August 2010

Down on the Farm

Things have been going so much better since our drama-filled day on Wednesday!  

Sandee came over to visit yesterday morning and we indulged in a little morning mimosa and lots of good catching up.  Let me just say that champagne in the morning makes for a tired Mama all day long!

This morning Olivia and I met up with Sarah {and Kendall} and Jennifer {and Tyler} at the Avila Valley Barn.  I can't believe we have never been here before.  It is THE CUTEST little place.  They have a little market area with tons of fresh produce, a gift shop{ish} area with toys, cake mixes and knick knacks, an area with homemade honey and baked goods, a sweets shop with candy and ice cream & a little deli, and {our favorite} a petting zoo area where you can feed the animals!  It was such a great morning.

On a hay ride heading out to pick some fresh white peaches

Jennifer & Tyler and Kendall

Roger, our fearless driver

Check this out Hoosiers - it was 10:30 and Olivia still needed a sweater!

D'oh!  We almost had a perfect little picture!

Two little blondies

Ten times sweeter than that fresh peach pie I just took out of the oven.*

That would be Olivia's hand feeding that little lamb

These donkeys were cracking Olivia UP!  
Oh my gosh, they had the biggest teeth ever!

The cow with a giant tongue.  Apparently he is well-known in these parts.

Look at this!

Yeah, I walked out of there with 6 ears of sweet corn.

We'll be dining on BLTs, corn on the cob, watermelon and homemade peach pie for dinner tonight.  And, I plan on snuggling up in my PJs with my husband and watching a little FNL.  It's an acronym kind of night.

Happy Friday from the Central Coast!
*Homemade, but not by me.  Shhh, David doesn't need to know that!  


Marissa said...

I love discovering cute little local places like that. Dinner sounds fantastic!

Mom Cooper said...

I wanna go, I wanna go! Love all your pictures those of Olivia AND those of all the food.