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26 August 2010

Kitty Kittyopolis

Yep, ten days after that orange and white ball of fur wandered through our yard and purred his way into Olivia's heart, he is still with us.  Well, sort of.  Our neighbor and I have been swapping care-taking duties since she is a TOTAL cat lover and Olivia likes having little Meow Meow to love on who will love her back.

In other news, our good friend Ken had his THIRTIETH birthday today.  Olivia and I made him some cookies and cream cupcakes to help him celebrate.  Oh my gosh - these cupcakes are SO good.  We had some for Olivia's birthday from Amy Bakes Cupcakes and I've tried to make my own.  The hardest part is not eating all of the Oreos first.

Happy Birthday, Ken!

Happy Thursday from the Central Coast!

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

Olivia sure loves meow-meow. It would be nice if Bill and Leslie decide to keep him, then Olivia could visit and play with him at THEIR house!

The cupcakes look delicious. What is the batter? You are a such a thoughtful person.