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08 July 2012

A Pyramid of Pachyderms

   As you well know by now, Olivia is absolutely, positively in love with elephants.  And, since a pet pachyderm is out of the question, we do our best to expose her to as many elephants as we possibly can.  And, although PETA says we shouldn't, we just had to take her to the circus when it came to town.

David got us amazing seats - front row, center.  And, with that, we were able to go down on the floor to see part of the show.  We were all blown away by the performances.  Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey Circus really outdid themselves with the Dragon show.  Olivia loved it and I was so surprised at how excited Sydney was...although she only made it through the first half of the show.  Before the show started, there was an all-access show where you could watch and interact with some of the performers.  We were most excited to watch the elephant paint a picture.

I snuck this picture of Olivia on the baby elephant prop.  The actual picture would have cost $24!

Great spot for me to take her picture - right by the women's rest room.

Kelly Ann coming out to paint us a picture!

My little circus baby!

David got the girls coordinating outfits to wear.  Sydney has some more growing to do to fit into hers a little better.  And, I love that her hair ribbon goes perfectly with it.  It was a "free" gift from an Etsy seller with some other barrettes I had ordered for her.  I sure wish it was easier to get a picture of the two of them together.

We were amazed at the fluidity of the show.  When one act was finished on the ground and they were setting up for another, there were acrobatic performers in the air for us to focus our attention on.  One of my favorite acts were the horses that ran around in a circle while people did tricks on them {the steeez [steeds] as Olivia calls them}.  Olivia's favorite was definitely the elephants.  I think David and my dad loved the eight motorcycles that flew around in the cage.  The lions and tigers were pretty amazing as well.  We were definitely not disappointed!

You couldn't pay me to pose with a clown.  Definitely my least favorite part of the circus.

This about gave me a heart attack.

It was definitely a wonderful morning at the circus!  I hope we can go back again next year!


Poppy said...

Hey, how come no pictures at the restaurant we went to afterwards?

:) Poppy

Mom Cooper said...

The whole experience (minus the fall from me), was incredible. The seats (thanks David) were awesome and the ability to be on the actual floor for some of the performances was unreal.

I enjoyed it ALL so much. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go with my sweet, sweet family.