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31 July 2012

Dance Class + Children's Museum

I'm loving this Itty Bittty Dance class that Olivia is taking.  It's a really small group of kids and she responds really well to the energetic teacher.  Last week, they did a little performance for the moms and it was just too cute.  One of the dances was to Old Straw Hat by Shirley Temple.  Oh my gosh - SO cute.  I love that she is doing these little dance classes, because really, it is just too adorable seeing her dance around a little studio {especially in her little dance outfits}.

And, there's really no easy way to segue into this, so.....

Today we went to the Children's Museum with our friend Marsha and her little boy, Michael.  We all had a really fun time and were exhausted when we came home!

Always in the mouth!

Love Michael's face here..

1 comment:

Poppy said...

Really really cute pictures Sis! I'm pretty sure she is be a good dancer along with all her other talents.