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02 July 2012

This Girl...

Man, I sure do love her.  

Silly faces and all.

Can you tell she picked out her outfit?
And the colors for glazing her pottery piece?

Uncle Rhino got her a box of princess dress up clothes.  She loves them.  Snow White is a fan favorite!

We hung out at Nana and Poppy's house for a lazy Sunday yesterday.
Olivia loves to play Moo Mart and Sydney was her customer.  I am excited for them to play together someday.

I was reading Winnie-the-Pooh's Colors to Olivia and Sydney this morning and I was trying to get Olivia to tell me the colors by leaving that part blank in each of the sentences. For this picture I said, "Piglet is picking flowers that are..." and Olivia said, "Dead." 

She came home from swim lessons tonight and declared it a Naked Pool Party night.  While I finished up dinner, she and David had some fun in the pool.  {She was naked, David was not.}
She's like a fish in the water!

During dinner, David was telling me that they weren't having swim lessons on Wednesday because of the 4th, but they would have a class on Friday to make it up.  Olivia said, "No, Daddy.  It's a make-up class."  As she said it, she put her hands to her face as if she were putting on make-up!  Oh my word.  She's in for a real surprise on Friday.

Love her!

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Mom Cooper said...

Oh Olivia, you never cease to amaze me. Your vocabulary and comprehension are and always have been out of this world. I too look forward when she and Sydney start playing together (yes they kind of do now, I'm just waiting for the day when Syd can hold her own with big sister).