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27 July 2012

And I'll Be Shooting For My Own Hand

While the rest of the world watched the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, we were busy doing what we do on a daily basis:  playing princess.  And, the princess of choice this evening was none other than our latest and greatest, Merida, from the movie Brave.  Olivia loves her.  {And she was lucky enough to go see the movie again this afternoon with her Nana and Poppy.}

I got her the Merida dress at Target last week {because I'm a sucker and} because I was starting to get sick of the Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty story-lines that we have to play out while she dresses the part with the outfits we already had.

A few days after I got her the outfit, I saw an unraveled, red loofah sponge hanging in our shower and instantly knew it would be perfect Merida hair.  I instantly showed it to Olivia, cut it into a couple of strips and bobby pinned it to her hair.  She loved it, but it kept falling out and there's nothing I hate more than hearing her whine about her weave falling out.  ;)  So, I thought and I thought and when I organized her hair accessories the next day and found a plastic headband, I knew I had my solution.  It took a little convincing on her part, but once I had it done she was in love! 

It was fairly easy to do - I actually found another red loofah and unraveled that one and cut it into about four pieces, so I think I had about 8 pieces total.  I hot-glued the first piece right across the headband so she would have a little bit of bangs that would hopefully cover up her blonde hair.  The rest I sort of just pieced around so it would cover the sides and the top.  It's not salon-quality, but it's definitely cheaper than the $20 Disney version.

My dad fashioned a bow for her out of a twig from our backyard and some bakers twine and she could not have been more thrilled.  

King Fergus giving her some pointers.

I love my little drama queen princess.

David brought his iphone out and took some pictures of her and she started in on our favorite line from the movie {and audiobook}.  We were lucky to get it recorded.  Amazing!  You can also view it here.  

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

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Mom Cooper said...

First of all, kudos to Mommy for that adorable "wig", and Poppy for such an awesome bow (thanks for not making some arrows just yet).

Olivia makes the cutest Merida I have ever seen, she continues to amaze and fill me with pride at the same time. Love her to pieces.