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16 July 2012

Saturday's Happenins

Saturday morning we took Olivia and Sydney to a Meet the Creature class.  I was a little nervous that the "creature" might be something like a snake or a lizard, but we were lucky enough to get a few fluffy critters in the mix.  Sydney loved standing on the little fence and looking at the animals.  The little bunnies were adorable and I won't deny that I sort of wanted one, but alas, we'll stick with our non-shedding iggy.

Saturday evening we met up with Liz and Brooklyn & Zack and headed back to Amazing Jake's.  The girls rode the train and carousel rides about a zillion times.  I guess we got our money's worth.

Those eyes + that smile = a winning combination. 

Clearly Sydney has her eyes on Zack.

This week has the potential to be a little crazy.  David has been sick and isn't showing signs of improving anytime soon and Mom and Dad are in Atlanta for the week.  So, my plan is to go to our classes, lay low and try to stay sane.  Posting may be a bit light this week. {Plus, we are slightly addicted to Downton Abbey and I need to focus my attention on that in the evenings!}  

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