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12 July 2012

So You Think You Can Dance

I can't believe that it is only Thursday night.  This week has been so busy, it honestly feels like it should be next Friday.  

Each morning this week, Olivia has been attending a Storybook Ballet Dance Camp at a local dance studio.  For two hours each day, she has been with at least 15 other little girls listening to stories, doing crafts and learning new dance movements.  It was bittersweet taking her into class each morning.  I love that she is old enough to be able to do these types of classes on her own, but at the same time it breaks my heart a little to see that she's not a baby anymore.  I've really enjoyed peeking in the windows to watch her as she interacts with the other girls as well as the teachers.  

First day of class...getting ready to go in.

According to the thank-you note she had me write for her teacher, lining up for the potty "choo-choo train" style was one of her favorite parts of the camp.

Oh goodness, I love this girl.

Making their Angus picture for their scrapbook.

The story of this camp was from the new Disney/Pixar movie, Brave.  At the beginning of the camp, the four groups of kids would gather in the large dance room to hear one of the teachers read a Brave story before breaking apart and going into their own rooms.  Olivia always had to be front and center for story time.  She would just go right into the room and sit down to listen.  I was so proud of her for being, well, brave enough to do these classes on her own without really knowing anyone else in the class.  {She was lucky enough to be in the group with her friend Brooklyn's cousin who she had met a couple times before.} 

The last twenty minutes of today's class was going to be the performance of what they had learned....a sort of recital, if you will.  The dance was to Touch the Sky by Julie Fowlis {from the soundtrack to Brave}.  Olivia, just like Merida, went a little rogue during the routine, but we loved it.  {And, yeah, both mom and I cried.}  You can watch her performance here.  

Love her little princess ribbon.

Celebrating with Nana after the show.

My mom and I went and got Olivia some flowers during the first part of her class.  We also picked up some for her to give to her teacher.  Last night, she made a little thank-you card for her and the first line was, "Thank you for taking me to the potty."  This girl.  Of course, when she gave her the card, she had to open it up out of the envelope.  And then this afternoon she got upset when I took the flowers out of the tissue paper and put them in a vase.  I guess she wanted to carry them around all day.

Hope this girl loves to dance as much as I love to watch her.
{Especially considering I just dropped a benjamin on new dance clothes.}

Way to go my sweet ballerina!

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Mom Cooper said...

It was SO MUCH FUN watching Olivia "do her thing" and on the most part she did look like she was dancing. Oh I love her little free spirit.