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18 July 2012

Day In, Day Out

I feel like such a lazy blogger these days.  I'm sure my posts lack any interest, but right now it's 9:30, I'm waiting on David to get out here so we can watch a little Downton Abbey before bed and I'm beat. He's still pretty sick, my parents are still out of town, and Syd slept for about an hour and a half today and THAT'S IT.  {It should be noted that an hour of that time was in the car and while we were at Target.}  I just realized that I haven't eaten dinner and have a basket of the girls' clothes begging to be folded.  So, here's a brief summary of our oh-so-exciting day.

I took the girls to see a puppet show this morning - The Monkey and the Pirate.  I'd never heard of that play/sketch/skit/story and after seeing the performance I'm fairly certain it has never existed before today.  It was pretty awful.  But, I got to dress Olivia according to a theme, so that made me pretty happy.

The monkey and the pirate...

Oh heavens, the cheeks from this angle.  

The first five minutes of the show consisted of the monkey puppet grunting.  
We were pretty much over it.

The frightening part of the triple-digit weather we're living with these days is that Target seems to be our favorite escape.  You know how difficult it is to escape Target without spending at least $100?  Especially when you have two kids with you -- half the time I don't even know what I'm getting until I'm home.  Anyway, we found this Merida costume and had to add it to our mix.  She loves it, I love her.  It's a win-win.

I took the girls to swim again this afternoon.  Sydney does so great there.  I packed a few toys and of course she only wanted to play with my keys. Olivia blows my mind at each lesson.  I'm amazed at all she has learned.

Alright, David's out so it's time to get our Downton Abbey on!  Happy Hump Day!

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