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24 July 2012

Get With It

Almost a week with no update from our little family?  However have you survived?  Now that we are all caught up on our Downton Abbey, my evenings are a little more free to throw up some pictures on this here blog, so I promise to try and do better.  But, man, that Downton.  We love it.  But, it sure is hard to watch without subtitles -- the hourlong episode usually takes us longer because we are constantly rewinding it and asking What did she just say?  Love it though and I'm not happy that I have to wait a few more months to see season 3.

Anywho...onto how we finished up the week last week.  Despite my parents being out of town, we still managed to make it to all of our classes. {That is surely a miracle.} On Friday, Sydney and I took our first Mommy & Me class together.  Sydney enjoyed it, so that made me happy.  It was fun to see her interacting with the other babies and moving all around.  I totally expected her to stick close to me, but she definitely ventured off.  But, it wasn't my most favorite class ever and it really makes me appreciate what wonderful classes we had back in SLO.  I loved how there was always play time for the kids, but also an opportunity for the moms to talk and share what was going on at home and with their kiddos.  During this class, we did three interactive songs with the kids while sitting in a circle and then they had free time to roam around and play with the various toys until we gathered together at the end for some parachute time.  That was all fun, but there was no real adult interaction or shared conversation and I really miss that in a classroom structure.

On Saturday, I literally spent the entire morning cleaning house.  David took Olivia to a Zumba class {!!!} at the gym and Sydney took an extra long nap.  I seriously considered checking us into a hotel for the night so that the house could stay clean for longer than an hour.  But, alas, we did not.

We invited Liz and her kiddos over for a mini cook-out and pool party on Sunday and wouldn't you know I didn't take one stinkin' picture.  We had fun and hopefully helped Liz out since she's been single-parenting it for awhile while her husband is in the middle of baseball season.  

Today, I took Olivia to an art class with one of our favorite art teachers, Miss Kathy.  We just love being able to make a mess in her room.  Olivia took home 7 different mini-projects and also played with  mixing food-colored water.  Miss Kathy truly understands the short attention span of 3 and 4 year olds.

An easel made out of a pizza box!  How smart is that.

Now that you are all caught up, it's almost the middle of the week again.  

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