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08 July 2012

My Little Duck

Olivia has moved up another level in her swim class!  I am so proud of her.  She loves swimming and does such a great job swimming under the water and diving for her toys.  She could probably swim the length of our pool, but so far has only gone about halfway - to where we can't touch anymore.  It blows my mind!

David is usually the one to take her to swim lessons, but they have both been bugging me to go with them.  It is at the cutest little water park and they like to go early and splash around a bit before practice begins.  I stayed dry and took some pictures on Friday.  {This was the make-up class.}

David says he never has an opportunity to do the slides when he goes with Olivia because she's not big enough to ride on them, so while I sat and watched her, he went down a few times.  I got some great pictures of him landing in the water.  He's such a kid!

Post-goggle eyes and a super fake smile.

Floating down the Lazy River

I'm so glad she loves to swim.  There is no place better to be than the pool when the temperature is in the triple digits for months at a time.  We spent a few hours in our pool yesterday afternoon and it was lovely.


Mom Cooper said...

I'm so glad Olivia likes the water. It sure makes these triple digit days bearable when she can just go jump in the "puel"!! I'm glad David loves it too and is so willing to take her to class and play around with her in your own pool. She may be on a swim team before you know it.

Poppy said...

You should call her the lil fish. She sure can swim like one. It has been so much fun watching her develop.