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10 July 2012

Jake Really is Amazing

We met up with Marsha and family at a place called Amazing Jakes.  This place is a huge indoor {small-scale} amusement park.  It's basically Chuck E Cheese on speed.  There are tons of arcade games, a bowling alley, bumper cars, go-carts, a carousel and roller coaster rides.  It was definitely a lot of fun!

Train ride

Olivia rocked this roller coaster twice.  It flew around really fast and then went backwards too.

She rode this one about a half dozen times and LOVED it.

Oh my word.  Sydney had so much fun in this little baby area.  She laughed the whole time!

We will definitely be back.

1 comment:

Poppy said...

Thats awesome Sis! I wanna take her there myself!