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25 July 2012

The Many Faces of Sydney Ryann

Watch out...
because you are about to get Sydney spammed.
It's her 11 month birthday, so naturally I made her sit outside in the triple digit heat and pose for some pictures.
Could not love her more if I tried.

Just so you know, this little munchkin is sleeping through the night {huzzah!}, has 8 teeth {well, not fully, but the new ones are poking through}, babbles like crazy and is full of new tricks.  
If you tap your hand over her mouth, she will go, AW AW AW AW AW AW.
If you sing Jesus Loves Me to her, she will sing back.  
When I tell her to lay her head down, she'll lay it down right on my chest.  
She is the sweetest.

Doing a little yoga.

This one makes me think she may be related to Dave Matthews.

If only you could hear the laugh/squeal that goes with this smile.  

She was not at all wanting to look up into the sun.

Oh Lord, is she her sister's sister or what?!

Sydney is so gentle with Magnum and he is actually willing to come sit net to her.
But, for the first time today, she cried when he came and sat next to her.
Right during my photo-op.

One more month until the big day.
Happy 11 Month Birthday, Sweet Baby.


Mom Cooper said...

Oh how I love this baby girl. She has the sweetest personality, smile and giggle. I am so blessed to see her everyday if I so choose and I do.

Happy 11th month sweet, sweet Sydney Ryann.

Poppy said...

She is indeed the sweetest lil gal. She has her own personality and I love her sooooo much.. I'm blessed to have two of the sweetest grand babies ever.