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21 July 2010

And Let's Do It In a Timely Manner

Before I had kids I was almost always on time to places.  I hated being late.  I still do, I just don't have much control over it these days.  I feel like anytime we are going somewhere, the fifteen minutes before we are supposed to leave are filled with Magnum, come on! and Olivia, let's go.  The easiest thing I have found is scooping both of the children up and getting them in their appropriate seats in the car and then heading back inside to gather all the necessary items for our excursion.

The toughest thing for Olivia and me is our early morning toddler class.  Thank goodness it only meets once a week because I am pretty sure we would be stress cases if we had to be in SLO at 9am more than that.  To say that neither of us are morning people is an understatement.  Olivia's latest habit is to wake up around 4:30 for a little morning snack and then stay asleep until 8:30 or 9.  While I would LOVE to have a straight set of sleeping hours, I am not complaining about that sleeping in part.

This morning we managed to get everyone loaded in the car by 8:30 - not bad since I went in and woke Olivia up at 8:20.  Of course then I had to get the diaper bag, the camera, and oh wait, the memory card is still in the computer... and my coffee and Oh crap, I haven't had breakfast and the class goes until 11:30... and my banana and Nutri-Grain bar.  And, before I knew it, it was 8:40 and we were going to be late.

But, we made it nonetheless. And there were other moms who straggled in behind me so I felt rather proud.  Last week we missed the class completely and the week before we didn't show up until 10:15.  Small accomplishments, but accomplishments they are!

Snack time with friends

Playing house

Isn't he a doll?!?!

Remember how I told you that Olivia likes to push things??

Mmm hmmm

Uhhh Huh

Yep, she LOVES to push things!

Xander was all, Hey, I can do that too!
One in the wagon....

Two in the wagon....


Happy Wednesday from the Central Coast!


Marissa said...

Cute, cute, cute! Love her wardrobe!

Unknown said...

What a fun class! This looks much more fun than some of the busted up classes we have been to where we sit in a hot room and sing stupid songs.

Mom Cooper said...

My what a serious look on her face in these pictures. She must be deep in thought about how to be the "pusher" instead of the "pushee"!