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16 July 2010

It's Just One of Those Days

You ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go your way?  You burn your Pop Tarts, you hit every red light on the way to work, your computer locks up get my point.  Well, today was one of those days for Olivia.  From the time we got up this morning until about 7:30 tonight, nothing went Olivia's way.  And, she was going to let me know it!  It was a Throw Your Hands on the Ground kind of day.  I'm sure it didn't help that I was super mean to her and wouldn't let her play with the toilet bowl cleaner OR shred her books.  Oy, she was so clingy today -- so much so that she wouldn't nap on her own or even allow me to put her down.  It was so hard to get anything done because I was constantly holding her and trying to keep her happy.

This was our day.

David and I decided not to take her up to the Concert in the Plaza and instead stayed home and made Migas!  Nothing beats breakfast for dinner and OH MY GOSH, this recipe did not disappoint.  And, I don't even like eggs all that much.

After dinner, a bath and a little tickle session, Olivia was in a much better mood.

But, looks like Magnum is having one of those nights.

Happy Friday from the Central Coast!

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Mom Cooper said...

My heart just breaks when I see pictures of her crying and nothing seems to help. So glad she got in a better mood.