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04 July 2010

My Sunday Smiles, Volume 2

I'm full of smiles this Fourth of July weekend.  Here are a few of the things bringing out my pearly whites.

Pigtails and Watermelons

I want her wardrobe!

Pretzel M&Ms

The perfect combination of sweet & salty and perfectly addicting.

My Mom's Here

And besides the fact that she is a huge help, there is no doubt that she loves Olivia more than anything.

The Fourth of July...

(I love both of their facial expressions!) the beach
Is this a guy thing?

Did I marry Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Catch of the Day

While my dad is bachin' it at home, he's been spending some time at the pond reeling in the catfish.

Nose Frida

As much as it grosses my mom out, this little snot sucker is doing the trick on Olivia's runny nose.  Thanks Brianna!

Anniversary and Date Night

Here's to celebrating our two year anniversary...

... a week early. *

Oh, I'll be blogging about this in more detail.  Don't you worry.

And, here's to being blonde again!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Independence Day.  Happy Sunday from the Central Coast!

And, here's a fun little travel game for the holiday weekend.  How many things in this picture can you find that begin with the letter B?  

I'll start:  Beer, Baby, BBQ, Barefeet
*Free babysitter.  And, please take a second look at that picture.  We spun around in a circle and took pictures from every possible angle to see which would be best with the lighting.  Turns out the best picture of 30+ is the one with the porta-potties in the background.  Still Smilin'! ;)


Marissa said...

Don't forget "Buff"! :) Love her watermelon outfit, it's seriously so darling! Glad you're having a good time down there.

Irma said...

Olivia looks darling!

Mom Cooper said...

OK I'll play: beach, bag, man-boobs, bellybutton, beautiful, bright. That's all I got!!! I loved spending time at the beach with you all. Thanks again for a wonderful week in CA. Miss you all already.