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15 July 2010

Our Day in Pictures

We are getting ready to head out the door to run some errands and hit up the Farmers' Market, but I wanted to put up a few pictures of our day so far.

Olivia finishing breakfast while I spent my hard-earned Gymbucks!

Sitting still for a picture.

Doing a little reading on our walk.  It was another GORGEOUS day out!

We made a pit-stop at the playground.

She sacked out about 5 minutes before we got home.

After a nap and some lunch, we splashed around in the pool a little bit.

We saw some birds at our new bird feeder and she did the sign for bird!  

It was a busy day, but don't worry, we took time along the way to stop and smell the, FEET!

Happy Thursday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

What a perfect day! AND your dad and I got you and David two bottles of wine from Oliver winery in Bloomington. Love that baby girl!

Unknown said...

Amanda I seriously cannot get over how much Olivia looks like Caroline. I swear I am looking at MY blog (if I had one of course). Ca-razy.
Olivia is SO cute and adorable! She could be a model!!