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22 July 2010

Go Blog About It, Why Don't You

So, you may have noticed that I've been blogging a bit more lately....fourteen days in a row, in fact.  That has to be some sort of record for me.  Well, there is a reason behind it, and NO, it isn't because I somehow discovered two extra hours in my day.

A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to turning the blog into book form on Blog2Print*.  I had been planning on doing that for awhile, but their program wasn't allowing all of the comments to be printed and I really wanted that to be part of the book.  Things are up and running now and so I ordered one up including posts from the very beginning all the way through Olivia's first birthday.  It ended up being huge {TWSS}** -- 345 pages long!

Already showing an interest in her history.

The beginning...

The back cover

The thought that Olivia will have a tangible book that details my pregnancy and her first year just blows my mind.  I would LOVE to know the experiences my parents had when my mom was pregnant with me and also the things that I was doing when I was Olivia's age.

Because of this, I am making a really strong effort to document as much as I can {while still enjoying some free time} to fill the next volume of the book.

Uh-oh, somebody wants to redecorate!

If this isn't an ad for Crayola...

...this should be!

My order from Gymboree came in a couple days ago.  I got a few things for Olivia that she'll be wearing now {like that adorable citrus top she wore yesterday}, but most of the stuff is for our Hawaii trip this December.  I even got her a few outfits for when she is TWO because she already has more clothes in her closet than occasions to wear them!

It doesn't get much cuter than this!

Can't you just see her frolicking on the beach in this?

Um, do these come in my size?!  I want, I want, I want!

Olivia is taking a nap and I plan on doing the same!  
Happy Thursday from the Central Coast!

*I really, really love the book.  And I would honestly recommend doing it if you have a blog.  I do have a couple little complaints about it though - the pictures are pretty small, sometimes the paragraphs all run together and some of the longer post titles don't all show up.  But, aside from those minor complaints, the book is incredible.

**That's what she said!!


Mom Cooper said...

I love the way you are recording all the special events of Olivia's life. Not only through pictures but print as well. You have probably taken more pictures of Olivia in her first year of life then we did of your first 18 years of life!!! But you were loved and still are for that matter, as much as any one daughter could be.

Maren & Micahel said...

Oh my goodness! She looks so old! And please tell me she is not coloring already! Please, Olivia, slow down so all the other babies (and adults) can catch up with you! Love ya, Maren

Marissa said...

All my blog entries go into my blurb journal that I'll have printed out when it's full. Love that idea. Cute clothes you got Olivia. :)

LLK said...

Oh that Blog2Print site is awesome! I think I'll do that with Ben's old blog...shhhh :)