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09 July 2010

With A Little Help From Her Friends

Olivia has had a busy couple of days playing with some of her friends from our classes.  Yesterday we went up to a play group in SLO and had a great time visiting with some of the other babies and moms.  I love that she's establishing these friendships at such an early age and it's so crazy to think that some of these kids could be classmates of hers in the future.  I also think it's great that she has so many opportunities to learn social skills from other babies.

And let me just say how awesome it is for ME to have met so many wonderful moms.  It's such a comfort to know that other moms are experiencing the same things as me and it's wonderful to have some adult interaction every once in awhile.

The water table was a hit.

Wet t-shirt contest!

This dog is the polar opposite of Magnum!  If all of these kids had been at our house, Magnum would have been hiding under the covers, but this sweetie was right there with all the babies and let all of them tug all over him.  So cute.

Olivia = OBSESSED with pushing things around.

Happy happy baby

Tonight we headed up to SLO to a concert in the plaza.  We found a spot a little further away from the stage where Olivia could run around a bit and plopped down with our chairs, blanket and Firestone tri-tip sandwich and relaxed for a few minutes before the rest of the families met up.

She was so lonely without her buddies.

She decided she needed to go meet some new babies.  That was just the first of many new people she met tonight.

Kendall - scoping out the place!

Jacob is the only one of the group who won't take #%^& from Olivia.  She is a total bully and Jacob is the only one who doesn't back down and just let her take away their toys.

Oh, HI, Birthday Girl!  Um, if your hat shows up missing one day, don't look in our direction, okay?!


Guess who was in charge of her when she lost that barrette?  Don't worry folks, five new ones on their way already.  ;)

Seriously, Olivia has no fear!  She wandered all over the place and at one point she went up to two 30something guys who were sitting down next to each other and put one hand on each of their shoulders  and stuck her head in between theirs as if to say, Hey Pals, How's it going?  OH, I love that baby.

Happy Friday from the Central Coast!


Marissa said...

What a nice picture of Olivia and David! Such a darling baby! Wish I had her wardrobe!

Mom Cooper said...

Glad Mommy and Olivia are making new friends. She is like her Poppy in the fact that she never meets a stranger.

Irma said...

Fun, fun, fun!