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23 July 2010

Look at That Girl With the Daisy Dukes On

We have been busy little bees today!

Magnum had a teeth cleaning this morning, so Olivia and I were out the door before 8:30.  After dropping him off at the vet, Olivia and I headed up to SLO to run some errands.  Let me just say that it is getting more and more difficult running errands with her!  She does not want to be strapped into a cart or a stroller and would much rather be running around wreaking havoc.  Snack cups are a necessary addition to each trip!

Any guesses on what she had for lunch?

After we returned home and Olivia rested from her exhausting morning, we went to spend a little time with Papa at work.

We picked up Magnum from the vet and came straight home to get him some food.  The poor guy hadn't eaten since yesterday morning.  He scarfed down some chow and headed straight for our bed.  He's going to get some extra cuddles tonight.

Check out those pearly whites!  I VOW to brush his teeth Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays whether he likes it or not!

My brother is coming to town for a few days and arrives tomorrow.  I'm so excited because our weekend will be filled with {but not limited to} these:

This doesn't even include our trip to the Mid-State Fair!

Here are a few more pictures of my little Honey Bee!

That's her dancing face!

Hey Baby, what's a bee say?

Happy Friday from the Central Coast!

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

I like the new blog format. Sounds like you all have a fun few days planned when Uncle Ryan gets there. Have fun at the mid-state fair. Olivia is bee-utiful in her little outfit. Keep the pictures coming. Love them and love you all.