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08 July 2010

Now That Nana's Gone...

... this is how I have to get dinner made!

She entertained herself by putting a carrot into the salad bowl and then emptying it out...over and over and OVER again!

And, NO, I didn't walk away from her while she was up there. I was using my favorite salad scissors from Pampered Chef to cut up some lettuce for the salad we were having for dinner.

Here are a few pictures of how we spent the Monday after the Fourth.
After getting out of bed at 1:20 P!M! he plopped himself down in a beach chair and played video games...over and over and OVER again.

That lasted all of two seconds.

I spent the afternoon searching for a flight that my dad thought he had booked, but in reality never had. That was a fun phone conversation with Delta, US Airways, United...

Olivia is learning to give Magnum some treats these days, but she is also learning that if she has one in her hand and runs away she can hold Magnum's attention for a little bit longer.

Smart Baby.

Happy Thursday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

That was a fun visit. Thanks again for having me out. One of my favorite moments with Olivia was when I was trying to take pictures of her and she kept running around so I ask her to "sit still" and she immediately got in a squat position and stayed like that with a smile on her face till I took her picture. She is one smart little lady. I wouldn't miss these precious times for anything.

Marissa said...

Hey, at least she can entertain herself so you can do something! :) Loving the watermelon theme lately. So summery. :)

Doug Johnson said...

Cuteness! You know I hate just about everything, but your family is adorable. Good work on adding "those" type of pictures we talked about too. :)

Irma said...

While I like all the photos in this series, my favorite is the first one of her sitting on the coutner! I had a flash that she was two...and that won't be too long from now.