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10 July 2010

Ding Dong, Wine and Cheese

Tomorrow, David and I will celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary, but we really did the celebrating last weekend with a rendezvous up to Paso Robles. We hit up our wedding spots -- Meridian Vineyards, where we got married and Bistro Laurent, where we had our rehearsal dinner. Neither of us had been there since our wedding day and both were just as beautiful as we remembered them.

I planned our day for us and (as usual) we left about 45 minutes after the time we wanted to leave. My mom was in town and was watching Olivia for us, which was wonderful because I know I couldn't have enjoyed 5+ hours away from her if anyone else in the world was taking care of her. Mom was up at the park area with Olivia, so we made a pit-stop there for a few pictures.

Olivia was more interested in snacking than getting her picture taken and while there are a few others that are better, there is just something about this picture that I love.

Anyway, we headed up to Meridian and made it up there in time for a wine and cheese pairing. It was absolutely gorgeous outside and we snagged a table and took our time savoring the wine and the time to ourselves.

I posed that way so that you all could see my ring, but I think all I'm showing off is my mouthful of cavities. (Matt D, if you are reading this, I put that in JUST for you!)

Do ya think it was sunny up there?

After the tasting, we headed over to Bistro Laurent. It is hands down the most darling restaurant I've ever been to. The food is amazing and the presentation is gallery-worthy! David did the five course meal paired with wine and I saved my everythings for dessert. Lord Have Mercy, if I lived in Paso I would go there for dessert everytime it was on the menu. (Which, I think now is daily.)

Bistro Salad
This is my kind of salad - romaine lettuce and a few croutons.

David's lobster salad

David's white sea bass and ratatouille
(I spelled that correctly on the first try!)
Pssst - You got a little spinach in your teeth.

My salmon and roasted vegetables

David's veal cheeks.

MY dessert - Apple Beignets. They are seriously melt-in-your mouth DELICIOUS. We had a great conversation with an older couple sitting next to us and she said, "Oh, you won't eat that whole thing." I just looked at her like, GIRRRRRLLL, Watch me.
And, I ate all but the one I half-heartedly let David take off of my plate.

David's, well, does it really matter what it was? It pales in comparison to mine.
Oh fine - it was called a "Floating Island" and was some sort of rice pudding.

We had a fabulous evening and the only thing missing was a night stay at the gorgeous Hotel Cheval where we stayed during our wedding weekend.

It's hard to believe so much has changed for our little family unit in just two short years. I'm eternally blessed to have the love of a wonderful husband and an amazing miniature version of the best parts of each of us. Happy Anniversary to us and here's to many more years together.

The Michelson family circa 2008

Happy Saturday from the Central Coast!


Irma said...

I should not have read this right before lunch...since I know my meal will not be anything like Bistro Laurent's! Glad you got to celebrate your anniversary at a location with lots of meaning for you.

Marissa said...

Happy anniversary you two! What a beautiful life you've made together. :)