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18 July 2010

My Sunday Smiles, Volume 4

So much to smile about on this gorgeous Sunday!

Teeny Boppers

My friend Sandee posted this site to her facebook page last night and it is pure genius!  If you read it, be sure to start from the very beginning (May 21).  I can only wish to raise Olivia to be so intelligent and creative.

Modern Technology

I finally got a new phone on Thursday and it is FUN, FUN, FUN!  I can not believe how advanced this phone is compared to my last one.  I can easily get on the internet, check facebook statuses and get news highlights with the tap of my finger.  And, it saved my hind end last night when I forgot my camera.  It took great pictures and the HD videos were amazing.  To make things even better, I didn't have to email the pictures to myself - a simple plug of a cord and the 60+ pictures were instantly transferred.  It is WAY to smart for me...but I'm loving it!

I have been on the hunt for a little something on Craigslist that I need for a certain DIY project and finally found it on Friday in an ad-posting for a garage sale today in Carpenteria - an hour and a half away.  Not happening.  I contacted the garage sale host and bought it via paypal without having to travel down there!  Gotta love modern technology.

Strawberries Galore

I have said this before and I will say it again...we may not know how to do corn out here, but boy oh boy can we ever do strawberries.  I have never in my life tasted strawberries so sweet.  We go through at least 6 small baskets of these beautiful berries a week. 

{And, I had already eaten most of the big ones by the time I took this picture.}

 And, we love these berries pretty much any way we can get them...

Gifted from a friend...

dripping down our shirts...

in a 100 calorie pack...
{My new favorite snack}

on a barrette and a dress {on the cutest baby ever}...
{My personal favorite}

or covered in chocolate!
{One of these is waiting for me right now -- as is my husband and the latest episode of Friday Night Lights.  If Tim Riggins and/or Coach Taylor don't make YOU smile, you are a tough nut to crack!}

Happy Sunday from the Central Coast!

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

I really like Friday Night Lights. I really like strawberries (especially the ones covered in choco-sin). But most of all I really, really, really love that little sweet pea in the strawberry outfit.