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30 June 2014

Another Summer in SLO, Part 10 {Bailey's Birthday Party and Farmers}

Before we came out here, we got an invitation from Kendall to attend a 6th birthday party for her sweet dog, Bailey.   Kendall was in charge of all of the activities and refreshments, and she planned the perfect party!  Sadly, we've had to leave Magnum at home with Nana and Poppy, so he couldn't make the party, but lots of Kendall's friends did!

Kendall had snacks, face painting, a movie, cupcakes, and even a game for everyone to play.  It was the perfect doggy party! 

➹ Playing Doggy Doggy, Where's Your Bone? ➹

After the party, we headed downtown for Thursday night Farmers Market.  We weren't able to meet up with Katie last week, so of course, that was priority one for our girls.  They think the world of her, and it's like walking into a candy shop every time they go into her store.  This time, she gave the girls hair chalk, and let me tell you, we've been having lots of fun with it!

➹ I told her, "No trying on clothes this time.  It's NOT the fashion show night."  That lasted about 30 seconds. ➹

➹ Pink hair, don't care. ➹

➹ Purple hair, don't care.  So proud of this girl letting us know when she needs to potty and holding it until we can find a store or restaurant with a public bathroom.  ➹

➹ She is perfecting her fruit eating skills! ➹

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Mom Cooper said...

Looked like a cute doggy birthday party. These kiddos are all so cute. Love all the pictures.