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24 June 2014

Another Summer in SLO, Part 4 {From the Beach to the Market}

As I said in my previous post, I had forgotten about how much work it takes to get everyone cleaned up from the beach.  The showers never quite get you clean, and the second you step away from them, you get sand all over your wet body, so really, what's the point?!

We did our best to get the girls cleaned up and changed out of their swimsuits and into clean, warm clothes before heading over to the Avila playground.  The girls had fun playing over there before heading into the market.  I was amazed at how Olivia remembered the playground from when she was younger, but I think it's mostly because there are pictures of her from the playground on some of her birthday videos {and she watches those all the time}.  She even posed and then asked me to put that in her birthday video for next year.

After some time, we headed in to the Farmers Market.  We danced, we walked the pier, and even went down to check out the water below the pier.  We even ran into a pirate.  Sydney was not feeling it until he gave her and Olivia some saltwater taffy.  Then she warmed right up! Ha.  It was a great night!


Poppy said...

Great pics again Sis, my favorite is the Sydney scowl.

Now thats a good one.


Mom Cooper said...

Glad you are capturing the good, the bad, and the ugly! However, 99% of the pictures have been nothing but good. I really enjoy seeing all the fun you guys are having.

BTW, whatever you do, do NOT forget to pack those red shoes and long skirt. Oh what am I saying, Olivia will probably be wearing them. HAHAHAHA