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18 June 2014

Our Pool Boy

Hey Doug, we have a pool boy too.  We call him Poppy.

My dad is seriously awesome.  Over the weekend, he came over and cleaned our pool every day, and got in with the girls just about every day.  Sometimes he would be the only one in with both of our girls and Brooke too!  He's the best, and he doesn't charge us a penny!  We are the luckiest.

I remember when we were kids and my parents used to take us to the Brown County park to go swimming.  One of my favorite memories is my dad "skiing" me on his legs around the pool.  It's so neat to see him in the pool with our girls, playing games and having fun with him.  I know they are going to appreciate all of these memories of him too.


Poppy said...

I love being the Pool Guy! And I love being in the pool with the gils as well. Just like with you kids when you were little.

I guess while you are gone, Nana and i will be enjoying your pool.


Mom Cooper said...

Hey I love your pool guy too. I know he has fun with the girls in the pool and glad they enjoy being with their Poppy as well.