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27 June 2014

Another Summer in SLO, Part 6 {Jacob's Ranch and Olivia's Sleepover}

On Monday, the girls and I had the pleasure of having a little ladies lunch {with no boys!} with Sarah for a couple of hours while Jacob and William napped.  Oh to have both of my kids still taking naps on a daily basis...I bet I wouldn't be behind on blogging, my house would always be spotless, and I would be able to run 7 miles each week, just like Sarah.  But, alas, they don't, so I'm a week behind on posting, my house is usually messy, and I hate running.  What are ya gonna do?

After the boys woke up from their naps, the girls and I headed over to their new house to get a tour and to check out this ranch they keep talking about.  Let me tell you...we were not disappointed!  Their new house has a huge backyard, and the land that backs up to it has cattle and horses on it.  After chowing down on homemade popsicles from Jacob {they seem to be his specialty, remember?}, we got the full tour of the ranch.  They are so lucky to have the amazing views that they have right in their backyard!

We stayed and played with the boys until I started getting bombarded with texts from Kendall's mom saying that Kendall couldn't wait for Olivia to come over for her sleepover!  Who am I to keep these girls from their first sleepover with each other in almost a year?!  I only snapped this picture of the girls before I dropped off Olivia -- she was ready for me to leave her alone with her BFF.  

➹ I'm so happy that these girls have remained such good friends.  They are just the sweetest. ➹

Sydney stayed in her bed ALL night for the first time since we'd been out here, and for her reward, she wanted it to be her birthday.  So, her birthday it was!  We sang Happy Birthday to her, she wore a crown at Kendall's, and she even got to pick out a new toy from Target!  It can be her birthday everyday as long as she lets me sleep at night!

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