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30 June 2014

Another Summer in SLO, Part 11 {Avila Valley Barn & Strawberry Picking at Rutiz}

One of the things on David's SLO Summer Bucket List was a trip up to Palo Alto to hang out with his friends.  When our babysitter text to say she had to cancel her plans for watching the girls on Saturday night, I looked at the calendar and realized that after this weekend, we would only have two weekends left -- 4th of July weekend and the weekend we would be packing up and leaving. I took the cancellation as a sign from God, and sent David up to Palo Alto for the weekend.

Sometimes the best offense with being a single parent is being active, so we stuck with our plans to go with friends to Avila Valley Barn and Rutiz Farms on Friday.  It was a busy day {especially since we went back to the barn after picking strawberries so we could stock up on blueberries, plums, and taffy, and also to reward Sydney for staying in her bed all night with a pony ride}, but it was so worth it.

I took a TON of pictures {are you surprised?!}, so here we go:

➹ Getting ready to head out on a tractor ride to pick some peaches. ➹

➹ Lunch and treats! ➹

➹ Sugar high was totally worth it just for this picture! ➹

➹ Jacob kept asking Sydney for some of her ice cream and she happily gave him lots of bites. ➹

We barely got a small basket full of strawberries at Rutiz because we ate more than we deposited, but, ohhhhh, were they good.

➹ Who knew plastic farm animals grew on strawberry vines. ➹

Aaannndddd, back at the barn!  I bribed them with taffy for just a few more pictures!

➹ Smallest pony ever ➹

➹ And, of course, she had to ride too.  Denim skirt and all. ➹

You guys, I'm almost caught up.  Thanks, in large part, to The Magic School Bus on Netflix.

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Mom Cooper said...

If over the years your girls somehow can't remember the fun times they had with their CA friends, surly these fabulous pictures will bring it all back to them. All the pictures are adorable. Amanda, I know it is a lot of planing and executing on your part to do all these fun activities with their friends but it is truly worth it. Kudos to you!