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23 June 2014

Another Summer in SLO, Part 3 {My Two Blondies at Avila Beach}

On Friday night, we took the girls to Avila Beach and Farmers Market.  This was always one of David's favorite things to do with Olivia when we lived here, so he was excited to be able to do it again with both girls.  We were able to leave a little earlier in the evening and decided to hit up the beach before the market.  I got a ton of great pictures and the girls had a blast, but man, oh man, I forgot about how much of a pain all that sand is!  Not to mention all the work that goes in to hauling your stuff to the water, hauling it back, and then getting cleaned up.  Oh well, the girls had fun, so that made it totally worth it!

I took a ton of pictures, and had a hard time choosing, so here's a ton from the beach.  I'll post more from the rest of the night tomorrow...

➹ She loved throwing the sand!  LOVED it! ➹

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

The pictures are adorable of the girls. It is obvious the girls love the beach/sand. Give me a nice clean pool any day tho.

So proud of you for keeping up with the blog while doing a million other fun things while in CA.

I sure miss you all but can see you are having a blast.