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22 June 2014

Another Summer in SLO, Part 2 {Looks Like We Made It}

Upon arriving to our rental house, we met the owner so he could show us around the house and let us know where everything was.  He was so nice and welcoming, and he really encouraged us to make ourselves at home.  The house is absolutely adorable.  It's in a perfect location right downtown, and is so charming.  The best part is that the family has a 4 and 6 year old, and they left tons of toys and books for the girls to play with.  The girls are especially in love with the back yard that has a garage that's converted into a playroom.

After looking around the place, we immediately started unpacking.  I wanted to get settled in as quickly as possible so that we could go enjoy our evening at the Farmers Market.  The girls had a great time playing with the new toys while we unpacked.

Before we knew it, it was time to walk to the Farmers Market.  Seriously, what a dream!  To be able walk right there was so great!  We stopped by to see our friend, Ken, watched some dancers perform on the side street, and then met up with Kendall and Katelyn for a few minutes!

➹ Love these little blondies! ➹

➹ Olivia helping out Maria at our favorite booth! ➹

➹ She got the five finger discount on quite a few of these! ➹

➹Olivia perfected her fruit eating pose so the juices wouldn't get all over her! ➹

The girls couldn't stay long, and Olivia got so sad that Kendall had to leave.  Thankfully we planned a playdate for the next morning!  The girls played so well together, and Sarah and I mapped out our social schedule for the next 3 weeks.  I'm excited for all of the fun we have planned, but I know it's going to make our time out here fly by.

➹  Dancing to the youtube videos her dance teacher put up online! ➹

➹ The girls grabbed a giant bag of popcorn and ate it up in the top bunk in the girls' bedroom.  Then they made it snow.  We spent at least 15 minutes sweeping up "snow" off of both beds and the floor after Kendall & Kate left, and we are still finding popcorn everywhere! ➹


Poppy said...

Having fun in SLO. Keep it going and enjoy the time there. The pics are great. Miss you all.


Mom Cooper said...

Fun times. The girls sure have the "Michelson" pose down pat. Hope you get everything on your bucket list done and more. Miss you all, but know you are having a blast. Magnum is being a good dog, and probably is enjoying some peace and quiet (especially after his cousin Peyton went back home with Uncle Rhino)!

Mom Cooper said...

Did Olivia remember Maria? I'm sure tho that she did. Love the picture of Olivia eating her fruit. Lord help us all if something should ever happen to those red shoes. Hope she doesn't out grow them any time soon!!