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29 June 2014

Another Summer in SLO, Part 8 {Boo Boo's and Village Host Pizza Date}

We just couldn't come to SLO and not hit up Boo Boo Records Music Time on a Wednesday morning.  Even though Olivia was probably the oldest kid there, she still loved hearing all of her favorite songs.  Sydney was over the moon excited to sing and dance with Heidi.

After Boo Boo's, we hit up Peet's Coffee for some milk and cookies, because why not?!, and then I tried to take a couple pictures of the girls by some gorgeous flowers.  Clearly Olivia is over the whole Mamarazzi thing, but at least there's Sydney.  {Sorry in advance for all of these pictures, but I loved the facial expressions Olivia gave me to show her exasperation! Also, I'm hoping the last picture is a mash-up of the series and actually shows it sort of moving.}

Wednesday evening, we had a pizza date set up with The Sarahs and their kiddos at Village Host.  We did this last year a couple of nights before we left to go back to Arizona.  After dinner {and a game of chase with Mr. David} we were able to get the kids to sit still for a few minutes for some pictures.  

➹ B to the F to the F ➹

I just love these sweet kiddos!

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