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17 June 2014

Life According to MiPhone

It's 10:40 at night and we are packing up for another {short} summer in SLO!  I know how much you guys loved all my posts about San Luis Obispo last summer.   I figured it might be a good idea for me to sort of tie up the loose ends on the ol' blog before I started posting about our SLO summer fun!

➸➸  After Olivia's dance rehearsal {back at the end of May}, she had to go to her new elementary school for a kindergarten assessment.  I'm not gonna lie, we totally practiced for the test.  I didn't know what they might ask, so in the weeks leading up to the assessment, we practiced our address over and over and over again.  I taught it to her by singing it to the tune of the old Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song...M-I-C-K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E, Mickey Mouse, Mickey get the picture.  She's also known my cell number for awhile and I taught it to her with the same idea in mind, except it was to the tune of the Empire Today jingle.  You know, 588-2300-EMPIRE!!!!  Sadly, she wasn't asked to sing her address OR her mommy's cell number,  but she happily passed the assessment with flying colors (even though it wasn't pass/fail).

I had gotten the girls new backpacks, and they were so excited to try them out.  Olivia even packed pencil and paper for the test.  Girlfriend was prepared!  Right after she was taken back for the assessment, one of the girls from her preschool & dance class walked in for hers.  They live one street over from us.  I really hope they are in the same class next month!  {I was going to say next year, but it is literally 5 weeks from now.}

➸➸ Right after we got home from the assessment, we headed up to a fun seafood place I had heard about, The Angry Crabshack, to celebrate my mom's birthday.  It was nothing like I expected, but it was fun nonetheless...even though the only thing I ate was hush puppies.

➸➸ We've been our pool and Olivia has been kayaking across the street. 

➹ I think this was before her first swim lesson.  She went 3/8 times.  I was sick, and then they were sick.  And, she ran off pretty much every day, so.... ➹

➸➸ Magnum hates me.  But, man, how cute is that?!

➸➸ David went over and down to Florida to visit his grandparents over the weekend.  His dad went with him, so it was nice for him to be with his dad and his grandpa on Father's Day.  We sure did miss him though.

➸➸  We made our bucket list for our SLO trip while David was gone.  I think there are about 4 or 5 more things we want to add to it though!  We are so excited!

➸➸  We treated Nana and Poppy to the Texas Roadhouse for a Father's Day dinner and Part 1 of 100 of how much we owe them for taking such good care of us all the time.  And, do you think I got a picture of the girls with Poppy?  Nope.  I did get some of the girls while we waited.  And, yeah, we've pretty much adopted Brooke. 

➸➸  While we were all little sicky-poos, Olivia had to miss about a week of summer camp classes at  her preschool.  She loved them so much last year, and so I was a little bummed that she wasn't able to do any.  We were able to make one today, the Wee Chefs class, and got to have Brooke go too.  Brooke then spent the afternoon/evening with us.  These girls are going to miss each other while we are gone.  

Alright, you are caught up.  I have one more little post to do tomorrow morning, but I am ready to crawl into bed.  We've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow.


Mom Cooper said...

I love your catch-up blogs. A little of this, a little of that. I glad David got to go visit his grandfather. That picture is priceless.

Can't believe SLO time is here. It's seems you have been planning it for awhile. SO be safe, have fun and keep in touch with us . Poppy and I are going to be very lonely without our Michelson family near by.

Take lots of pictures and make more memories.

xoxo Nana

Poppy said...

I love all your posts and I am glad you are feeling so much better.

Love you kids!


Poppy said...

I love all your posts and I am glad you are feeling so much better.

Love you kids!