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01 June 2014

Chi Town Whoa Now {This Time With My Husband}

As I was looking through Instagram this morning, I saw a picture of our friend Kelly and her husband lamenting the end of their 2 week honeymoon in Bali. all the end-of-the-schoolyear craziness, I realized that I hadn't put up any pictures of our trip out to Chicago to attend Kelly's wedding.  Well, that slacking stops here!

Kelly was a senior in high school when she worked in my special ed classroom in Indianapolis.  She spent the last half hour of the day helping one of my students getting organized to go home for the day.  Her outgoing personality made it very easy for her to be well-liked among the teachers and the students.  After a few months of working in my classroom, Kelly decided to play matchmaker.  She was working part-time at a local gym, checking people in, and wanted to set me up with a personal trainer.  She brought in a picture of him, and his neck was as big as my thigh {and that's saying a lot} and he was posing like Macho Man Randy Savage.  I politely declined.  A couple months later, she tried again, this time bringing in a California tanned, puka shell necklace wearing guy.  I begrudgingly agreed to exchange emails/phone numbers, and, well, the rest is pretty much written on the blog.

When Kelly invited us to come out for her wedding, there wasn't even a question as to whether or not we would go.  We wouldn't be blogging about these beautiful girls all the time if it weren't for Kelly.

So, a couple of weeks ago, we packed our bags, sent the kids to the grandparents {thanks Nana and Poppy} and hopped a flight to Chicago.  We were hoping that our good friend, Michele, would have already had her baby by then, but no such luck.

We had an amazing hotel room right downtown and got one good day of weather for walking around.  We got to see Michele {and rub that belly} and we got to meet up with our friend, Kelsey, at her hotel where she works.  David even got in a little sushi dinner, so I'm thinking {even with no baby action} it was pretty much a success.

➹ Even though we had just ordered two of these pizzas to be delivered to us {frozen} a couple weeks before, I still wanted to hijack this truck and eat another one.  So good. ➹

➹ The gorgeous bride and groom.  Seriously, a beautiful wedding and reception. ➹

➹ Most days we are thankful for Kelly...some days we want to strangle her. ;) ➹

➹ And, would you look at that gorgeous Mama?  She was a week overdue here. ➹

➹ Let's pretend this picture was taken after I ate a plate of pancakes.  Because I look more pregnant than her! ➹

We had a fantastic weekend, and are so grateful for my parents who endured some sleepless nights and lots of messes in their house.  We very much appreciate your willingness to care for our girls when we go away!

And, even though I didn't get to take these pictures, I still have to share.  Meet my most favorite little baby boy who I haven't even met -- Giovanni.  I need to kiss that face.

➹ Beyond precious! ➹

Is it too soon to ask Nana and Poppy for another weekend away?

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Mom Cooper said...

Poppy and I were glad to help out with the girls and yes it is a bit too early for you to ask to leave again so soon haha. After all we have to gear up for Labor Day week-end (thanks Brad and DMB)!!

I want to cuddle up with Michele's baby boy myself. He is adorable!